Instructions After Receiving Shoulder Nerve Block (“Interscalene Block”)

  1. After receiving a shoulder block, some patients may feel like it is difficult to breathe or to take a deep breath; this is normal and will go away within 30-60 minutes. Your throat may be sore and you could have a cough and/or hoarseness afterwards. This too is very normal and will subside.
  2. If you have severe difficulty breathing and/or severe shortness of breath, call your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room.
  3. It is normal for the side of your face and eye to droop a little on the same side as the block. It is also normal to have a small eye pupil on the same side as the block
  4. Since your arm will be weak from the arm block, mark sure you keep the arm in the sling for at least 24 hours or until the block wears off. Do not remove the sling to do your exercises for the first 24 hours. Continue to wear the sling after 24 hours if ordered by your doctor; otherwise, wear it for comfort.
  5. You will need to support your arm by holding it with your other hand when removing the sling to change your clothes.
  6. It is normal for part or all of your arm and fingers to feel numb and tingling due to the block. Since your arm may be numb, it is important to protect your arm from extreme temperatures of hot and cold. For example, be careful while drinking hot beverages and avoid being close to a hot stove or a burning cigarette, etc.

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