Menisectomy (Excision of torn meniscus)

Meniscal tissue has a poor blood supply which means that most meniscal tears will not heal. Taking out the torn piece (excision) and smoothing the edges of the meniscus can help the knee to function more normally and improve pain and swelling.  This also helps prevent the tear from getting larger or displacing.  We do try to preserve as much normal meniscus as possible because the meniscus does not regenerate after it is removed.  Recovery after menisectomy is usually swift, with immediate weight bearing using crutches for support only, and range of motion. Most patients have near normal knee function by 4-6 weeks after surgery. The success of the surgery is closely related to the state of the cartilage around the meniscal tear and is less predictable for patients who have arthritis or cartilage degeneration.